Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Frank Frazetta, 1928-2010

Legendary artist Frank Frazetta has died, aged 82. I first became familiar with Frazetta's wonderful work when it graced the cover of numerous books I read as a kid, but the Brooklyn-born artist also drew comic books and album covers and provided Hollywood with many great painted posters over the years, including this one:


Here's a Frazetta illustration for Burroughs' John Carter of Mars series.



J.D. said...

What a shame. They'll never be another artist like him again. His illustrations of Conan are so iconic.

Mark Salisbury said...

They certainly are. And they certainly fed into my version of the character.

On a related note, I always thoughts Arnie looked the part. Not sure about this new guy. Did you see the photos that popped up yesterday?

J.D. said...

I hope those new photos aren't indicative of how the film is gonna look. Yikes.

As for Arnie, I agree, he is was exactly who I pictured to be the live-action representation of Conan. On a purely coincidental note, I just got a copy of Milius' CONAN film in the mail today - that great special edition that came out years ago - I think a viewing is in order in honor of Frazetta's passing.

Matt J said...

RIP Frank- a giant of fantasy art has passed. Nobody could touch him. I pray the John Carter movie turns out well but I don't hold so much hope for Conan-

Mark Salisbury said...
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Mark Salisbury said...

@ JD

It's a great DVD. I look forward to reading your take on it.

@ With Andrew Stanton at the helm, I feel we're in safe hands.

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