Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Trailer: The American

During his earlier career as a music photographer and video director, Anton Corbijn showed he had impeccable visual taste. When he moved into filmmaking, his debut feature as director, Control, revealed he could align that crisp, elegant visual style with an innate understanding of storytelling and performance. His second feature, The American, scripted by Rowan Joffe, is high on my must-see-for-2010 list and stars George Clooney as a hitman in Italy taking on one last assignment.


J.D. said...

This looks interesting. I like Corbijn's visual style and judging by what's in the trailer, it looks like a very sleek look. Plus, it's nice to see Clooney playing what could a morally questionable character.

Steve said...

i'm right with you JD. there's some "gravitas" behind the trailer dialog... idk.