Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Coming soon

It wasn't good but boy was it fun. I think I might have to buy this.


Hal Gracie said...

I never understood why this film joined the cult of bad cinema. It's not great, but not anywhere near the ballpark of Batman & Robin or Amistad (my own vote for worst film ever made by humans, and yet it got five stars in Empire?!?).

I saw Elizabeth Berkeley in a play (Lenny, with Eddie Izzard) and admired her fearlessness. She was showing everything. And I don't mean everything as in full frontal, I mean everything as in everything!

Mark Salisbury said...

I laughed throughout. It's gloriously, wonderfully entertaining trash with some of the most hysterically bad (as in funny bad) lines (and delivery) in any studio movie I can think of.

Plus, there's that great sex scene in the hot tub. Or maybe it's a swimming pool. Can't quite remember.

And, I remember watching Liz Berkeley in Saved By The Bell so seeing her starkers was a tad odd.

I agree Batman & Robin is far worse. As for Amistad, I just remember it being worthy and boring. Definitely not a five star movie. Then again, I've given films five stars that, in retrospect, probably didn't deserve them. Although i always used the get out that the definition of five stars was "unmissable" and not "masterpiece"...