Monday, 26 October 2009

sex, lies & soderbergh

Missed this interview in The Times with Steven Soderbergh last week but it's worth reading if you haven't already. Here are two of the highlights:

On porn:
He confesses to being quite the consumer. In fact, he says, he has been known to storm out of hotels if they don't offer pay-per-view porn. “I was in a hotel in Anaheim about five years ago, and after checking in I literally went down to the front desk and said, ‘I don’t understand, there’s no pay-per-view porn!’ I called my producer and said, ‘I can’t take this, I’m checking out’. And I went to the hotel across the road. I think it should be in the bill of rights — when you’re travelling, access to pornography should be the number three thing on the list after clean towels and 24-hour room service.” He rolls his eyes upwards, to indicate the hotel rooms above, and sighs, “They don’t have it here!”

On his planned retirement:
“I just feel that this is a young person’s game, and I don’t want to be doing this when I’m 50. By then I’ll have made 20-something movies, and that’s a lot.” So, does that mean he’ll be retiring in the next four years? “Oh, I think before that,” he says. Surely he can’t be serious. A workaholic and consummate movie-maker at the height of his powers, with Clooney, the cream of Hollywood, at his feet? “It’s funny,” he begins, “But every time I say I’m trying to wind things down, people get really angry. ‘Why are you saying that? Stop saying that!’ But look, if I decide I want to do something else I am allowed to do just that.” He gives a perplexed shrug and says: “It’s my life, after all!”


J.D. said...

heh! Love Soderbergh. he also talks about porn on that book-long interview/diary with Richard Lester. I sure hope he doesn't retire. I think the guy just needs to take a break. His output is insane.

Mark Salisbury said...

I have read that book, but not since it came out.

I actually bought myself another copy the other day to re-read since I can't find my original.

It's near the top of a very, very large pile...