Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Edgar Wright Presents...

This Friday at the Prince Charles Cinema just off Leicester Square in London, Edgar Wright, director of Shaun Of The Dead, Hot Fuzz and the forthcoming Scott Pilgrim, will be presenting a double bill of Don't Look Now and Carrie. And Edgar will be on hand to introduce proceedings.

"These are not simply two of my favourite horror films of all time, but two of my very favourite films of all time," writes Wright on his website. "Nic Roeg’s Don't Look Now starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie is a superlative supernatural film with some of the best editing in cinematic history. It’s been an influence on many a film over the years including The Sixth Sense and (yes) Shaun Of The Dead. If you’ve never seen it, don’t miss a chance to see it on a big screen. It’s haunted me since I first saw it one late night on BBC2.

"And Brian De Palma’s Carrie is simply magnificent. In my opinion the best Stephen King adaptation with a simply amazing cast: Nancy Allen, Amy Irving, PJ Soles, John Travolta and two Oscar nominees Piper Laurie and Sissy Spacek. Add in De Palma’s amazing visuals with incredible continuous takes, split screen and backwards flashbacks, plus Pino Donnagio’s incredible score and you have a stone cold classic.

"I will be on hand too — with maybe some little extra nuggets to show between the films. See you there."

Trust me, if you've only seen them on TV, DVD or video, then get yourself along. I've actually seen both films on the big screen and watching the end of Carrie with a packed audience is priceless.

You can book tickets here.


bill said...

Bummer. Busy that night.

Mark Salisbury said...

I'm not sure I can make it either. Although I really want to see Carrie again.

Plus I'm intrigued by the "little extra nuggets" promised.