Thursday, 1 October 2009

Flash Forward

I caught up with the much-trumpeted new TV show Flash Forward last night and have to say I was pretty impressed. Slickly made with a killer concept — everyone in the world blacks out for two minutes and 17 seconds, experiencing a vision of six months into their future — it's a definite addition to my weekly viewing list. Who was that guy at the end?

Back in February I interviewed the show's co-creator and executive producer David S. Goyer for the UK release of his film The Unborn. Goyer was working on the Flash Forward pilot when we spoke. This is what he said about it at the time:

"I’m about to direct a pilot for ABC that I co-wrote with Brandon Braga who I did Threshold with and it’s a big high concept thing loosely based on the novel Flash Forward by Robert Sawyer and it stars a bunch of Brits, Joseph Fiennes and Jack Davenport. We start shooting in a week and a half and it’s very big budget for TV, they’re freaking out at how big it is, but it’s fun. I’m really excited about this project. Unlike Threshold it is a serialised story and ABC fully embraces it. It was a spec script, we ultimately went with ABC because I’m such a fan of Lost, I figured if they could do such a cool show, they would let us do all kinds of crazy stuff and they are."


Anonymous said...

Who was that guy at the end?

Well, that would be telling...

Mark Salisbury said...

That's the point, my friend.