Friday, 14 August 2009

Deja vu all over again

Like many others I loved Woody Allen's earlier, funnier films. Of the recent ones (and by recent I mean the last decade or so) I have liked Melinda & Melinda and Vicky Christina Barcelona and that's about it. If you thought Cassandra's Dream was bad, it's a bloody masterpiece compared to the abysmal Hollywood Ending which I saw at Cannes seven years ago, a film so bad and so embarrassing you wonder what Allen was thinking when he made it. In fact, the scene between Allen's blind movie director (don't ask) and Tiffani Thiessen's starlet in her dressing room still makes me cringe.

Allen's currently shooting his latest untitled movie in London and from the look of this picture — featuring stars Anthony Hopkins and Lucy Punch, a talented British comedic actress who replaced Nicole Kidman — the May-December relationship schtick that Allen's so fond of in his movies is back. Then again, they could be playing father and granddaughter, but I somehow doubt it.

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