Friday, 25 April 2008

Quelle surprise

Guillermo Del Toro has signed on to direct The Hobbit. Never saw that coming.


Gerard said...

Not even after the talk by Guillermo himself about how close it's been to happening and how greatly he wants to do it?

Mark Salisbury said...

I figured even though most Americans don't tend to get irony, you Aussies would... Must be a British thing.

Gerard said...

Oh right! Damn the written word! If your headline had just been 'Big Surprise' then I'd have been right there with you, but your flowery language bamboozled me into stupor. Now I can't read it any way other than dripping with sarcasm, whereas before it seemed like genuine surprise that it's finally happening.

At any rate - AWESOME. (But between you and I, Saturn and the End of Days actually has me more intrigued...)

Mark Salisbury said...

I know, Saturn and The End Of Days sounds the cooler of the two projects. I'm interested to know if he's going to get to do his little personal film (the one for him, he always calls them) before he goes off for four years and does the two for them.

Gerard said...

From what I've read, it sounds like once HBII's out into the world, it's off to NZ for our favourite Mexican. He seems to be emphasising how Saturn is only in the earliest of thought-gathering stages.

Gina said...

I got it. ;)

-An American

And yay!

Mark Salisbury said...

Dear Gina The American,

One time in New York, during dinner with a fellow English writer and former colleague, an Australia journalist, and an American advertising manager, the latter screamed and "us English" for being "too ironic" which was doing her head in or something to that effect.

Would have put a dampener on the evening but she was rather cute (as was the Australian) so we just moved onto dessert.

So I thank you for your ability to understand irony and promise to pepper my prose with it every so often.