Monday, 7 April 2008

Are you feeling scary?

Love this story from the New York Times regarding the in-cinema advertising for the forthcoming release of the Prom Night remake with distributor Screen Gems roping in multiplex staff to help sell the movie. It's all very William Castle.

"In 120 movie theaters across the country, Screen Gems set up advertising displays in corners and hallways," writes Brook Barnes. "The company built the displays, called standees, to look like the entrance to a ballroom. 'Open the door for a night to die for,' beckoned signs on the cardboard doors. Once patrons took the bait, an employee would pop out with arms flailing.

"'We want people to come away thinking that Prom Night is going to be a good, scary movie,' said Marc Weinstock, the president of marketing at Screen Gems.

"With horror movies delivering mixed box office results lately due to a glut in the marketplace, Mr. Weinstock needs all the help he can get. One signal that the stunt is working, at least in the scaring department, is that video clips have popped up on YouTube showing people opening the cardboard doors, shrieking and running away. 'That’s exactly what I want to see,' Mr. Weinstock said."


Gerard said...

Those YouTube clips make me wish I was still but a lowly cinema clerk.

Mark Salisbury said...

Multiplex or independent? And how did you stand the smell of popcorn cooking?

Gerard said...

Independent - just two screens! And to be honest, you stop noticing it. Until you got home after a shift and reeked of it for hours, that is.