Friday, 18 April 2008

No Cannes do

Normally by this stage, with opening night a matter of weeks away, the Official Cannes Competition lineup would have been announced. This year, however, there's been a delay that, if you believe the gossip, is down to a dearth of good films being available and the organisers leaving it until the last possible moment to announce their selection. Variety's Todd McCarthy mulls over some possible choices.

One confirmed Cannes title is Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. And Entertainment Weekly writer Steve Daly recently sat down with director Steven Spielberg and producer George Lucas for a chat about all things Indy.


Gerard said...

Burn After Reading still screening there?

Matt J said...

Dreamworks confirmed that KUNG FU PANDA will have its premiere at the festival.

I'm hoping to see Woody Allen & Almodovar's latest.
& there was a documentary at Sundance on Hunter S Thompson that I have my fingers crossed will turn up in the programme. THE MATADOR with Adrien Brody & Penelope Cruz is another flick long on the shelf that should show its face this year.

Mark Salisbury said...

I'm not going to Cannes so if you see anything that rocks your boat when you're down there matt, or if you have anything to report, then please let me know and we can run it on the site.

Matt J said...

OK, I'll do that. Last year was my first time at the festival & I enjoyed it immensely. It was interesting to observe the buzz on opening film MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS only to see it wither & die once it was actually screened! One of the highlights for me was the first screening of CONTROL in the Director's Fortnight with Corbijn & his actors receiving a standing ovation once the film finished-the atmosphere was electric.