Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Now there's an idea!

You're a young movie starlet. But your career's not doing so well of late. Worse, you're now more famous for your partying than your acting. So, what do you do? Well, if you're Lindsay Lohan, then your idea of a comeback is to strip off and pose naked just like Marilyn Monroe for New York magazine. The idea of getting Bert Stern, the last photographer to snap Monroe nude, and have him replicate his shoot with Lohan is, on one hand, a stroke of genius. But if should anything happen to Ms Lohan in the near future along the lines of Ms Monroe... well, yikes. Click the headline if you, er, fancy more.


Stram said...

Well.... all i know is that Lohan is far less pretty thant Monroe!

Gina said...

Indeed. But the thing is...Marilyn always came across as classy, even in more scandalous photos. And she actually had some talent and used it best she could. This is simply Lohan going in for another shocker but trying to appear mature at the same time.

Apparently she is gunning for Burton's Alice. I don't see this happening, but if for some reason it does, I do think I would end up skipping it. I just do not care for this girl. She needs to pull a Drew and disappear - get her act together. She use to have a somewhat promising career before all of this. Still had quite a bit to work on, but again, promising.

And Mark...sorry I am spamming your blog tonight. :P I've just missed so many great things!

Mark Salisbury said...

Gina, I certainly wouldn't call your comments "spam". You've made many valid and valuable points. The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned. Glad to have your input.

She's an odd one LL. I think the Drew way would have been a more preferable option to the sensationalist approach of getting naked a la Marilyn. I would have thought doing good work in smaller movies and getting her rep back to where she was post-Mean Girls might have been the way to go.

Schmid4Brains said...

sorry, but...