Monday, 11 February 2008

Dust settling

So, the story of the BAFTAs was one of spreading out the honours relatively evenly — with Michael Clayton, Juno, Diving Bell And The Butterfly, Control and This Is England all picking up one each — although I kinda felt There Will Be Blood was, perhaps, the unluckiest of the bunch, with only Daniel Day Lewis winning for Best Actor. In numerical terms La Vie En Rose was the biggest recipient with four in total, followed by No Country For Old Men with three. To me, it wasn't a great surprise that Atonement won Best Film, but the fact that it only claimed one other award from its 14 nominations was. Tilda Swinton's Best Supporting Actress clearly came as a shock to her, but, for me, the night belonged to Marion Cotillard who was delightfully (and visibly) overwhelmed at winning the award for Best Actress.


Stram said...

I'm happy for Marion Cotillard (ok, i'm also happy because she's french, but i really think she deserves it!)

For the rest, well, i'm a bit disappointed about the fact that Atonement "only" won Best Film... i would have like Dario Marionelli winning Best Music! Let's wait for the oscars now...

(i posted a comment on your very first post... have you read it?)

Mark Salisbury said...

I have now. And I'll drop you a line in the next day or so about Roehampton.

As for the awards stuff, I thought Marion was a very deserving winner. Ellen Page I adore but she's got time on her side. Blanchett I love but had already played the role. And Julie Christie is a national treasure, but her was a good not great performance. Cotillard's performance was raw, emotional, career-changing and above all moving.

And I completely agree with you on the music front. Dario's music was my favourite, alongside Jonny Greenwood's. I thought the score for La Vie En Rose (as opposed to the songs) wasn't anything special.