Wednesday, 22 July 2009


A meeting with Oscar and Bafta-winning editor Pietro Scalia (Gladiator, JFK, Black Hawk Down) to discuss Friday night's interview at BAFTA (more details in a moment), then a screening of Tony Scott's crisp, efficient, enjoyable remake The Taking Of Pelham 123, followed by a screening of the new Dark Castle horror flick Orphan which opens in the US next week and the UK in August. I'll review it in due course but it's pure hokum from start to gory finish, with some solid shocks, a lot of head-in-your-hands, scream-at-the-screen-in-disbelief-at-the-inability-of-certain-characters-to-see-what's-going-on-right-in-front-of-their-eyes moments, and a spoilerific twist. Still can't decide if it was rubbish or I liked it.

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