Monday, 27 July 2009

Stuff I read today...

Emma Brockes skips along the Yellow Brick Road to celebrate The Wizard Of Oz at 70.

The Guardian muses on Hollywood's strained relationship with the internet.

A King Kong prequel is, apparently, heading our way.

The New York Times lays into Orphan.


Anonymous said...

Great piece on Oz.

Matt J said...

Excellent interview with Pietro Scalia Friday Mark-would've said hello afterwards but had to dash. Could've listened to Mr Scalia for hours longer-his process is fascinating. Thanks for prompting him & letting him speak as much as he did. It was an enlightening evening. BAFTA events like these have always been like film school for me.

Mark Salisbury said...

Thanks for the kind words Matt.

I agree, I could have listened to him for even longer. And he had a few more clips to show which, unfortunately, we couldn't get round to because we ran out of time, but, even so, I think he managed to share and impart a great deal of invaluable information and knowledge.