Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Lost talk

A few things that came up in last Friday's Lost talk.

Damon Lindelof ruled out any movie or comic spin-offs once the show ends next year.

Lindelof and fellow executive producer Carlton Cuse said they owed it to the fans to tie up as many loose ends as possible in season six. “We won’t be vague and ambiguous," says Lindelof. "There will be a lot of answers. We feel that if we hold anything back in the final season, it would be bad. Everyone’s come this far and they want a conclusion to the story.”

They promised season six would reunite everyone, would feel “more like series one” and that Smokey would become “an interesting character in and of itself” in the final season.

The pair also ruled out a happy ending. “Bittersweet comes with the territory,” said Lindelof. “The ending we’re aspiring to is fair. The ending of series six will be different from other finales because there will be no cliffhanger.”

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