Saturday, 4 July 2009

Frightfest 2009 line-up

Frightfest, the UK's finest horror film festival, has just announced its tenth anniversary line up and, as usual, its a doozy, kicking off with the world premiere of Christopher Smith's Triangle (pictured) and including Dread, Trick R Treat and the remastered (and shouldn't be remade) An American Werewolf In London.

More information about the individual films can be found here. For ticket information click here.

This year's event has moved from London's Odeon West End to the Empire, with not one but two screens showing the best of the current genre crop.

Thursday 27th August
Main Screen
6.30 pm - Triangle
9.15 pm - The Hills Run Red
11.30 pm - Infestation + Deadwalkers

Friday 28th August
Main Screen
11.00am - The Horseman
1.45 pm - Beware The Moon
4.1O pm - An American Werewolf In London - Remastered
7.20 pm - Shadow
9.35pm - The Horde
Midnight - Macabre + Paris By Night Of The Livivng Dead

Discovery Screen
Noon - Best Worst Movie
2.15 pm - I Sell The Dead
4.15 pm - I Think We're Alone Now
6.45 pm - Colin
9.00pm - Black

Saturday 29th August
Main Screen
11.30 am - Smash Cut
1.45 pm - Hierro
3.45 pm - Millennium
7.00 pm - Giallo
9.00 pm - Trick r' Treat
11.15 pm Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl + Sad Case

Discovery Screen
Noon - The Horror of Writing' Competition
1.45 pm - Evil Things
4.15pm - Fragment
6.45 pm - It's Alive
9.00 pm - Pontypool

Sunday 30th August
Main Screen
11.30 am - Dead Snow
1.45 pm - Human Centipede
3.50 pm - Coffin Rock
6.45 pm - Night Of The Demons
9.00 pm - Clive Barker's Dread
11.15 pm - 100 Best Deaths

Discovery Screen
Noon - Black
2.40 pm - Pontypool
5.00 pm - I Think We're Alone Now
7.00 pm - I Sell The Dead
9.00 pm - Best Worst Movie

Monday 31th August
Main Screen
11.00 am - Zombie Women of Satan
1.15pm - The House Of The Devil
3.30 pm - Case 39
6.30pm - Heartless
9.15pm - The Descent Part 2

Discovery Screen
11.00am - Colin
2.15 pm - It's Alive
4.15 pm - Fragment
6.45 pm - Evil Things


Gerard said...

The Horseman! Trick r' Treat! Giallo! Too cool. I recently missed Poontypool when it screened at the Sydney Film Fest though heard nothing but excellent things. Quite the decent lineup.

Mark Salisbury said...

Giallo is, I hear, a bit of a dog, but I just saw a trailer for Le Horde and it looks great!

And Trick r' Treat I have been waiting for two long years for.

Gerard said...

Horde does look good, doesn't it? There'll be a horror program at the Melbourne Film Fest this year, including such new releases as Eden Lake and Mum & Dad... *sigh* I'm hoping Pontypool will show up here, too, after having been on the bill for Sydney.

Mark Salisbury said...

Eden Lake and Mum & Dad can be picked up for a bargain on DVD these days.

Gerard said...

Exactly. I've owned them for at least six months on import. Nice to see we're getting Thirst for it, however.

Andrew said...

We are eagerly waiting to see this....

Thanks for sharing...

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