Monday, 20 July 2009

Potter pondering

I haven't read Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince and I'm debating whether to see David Yates' film adaptation which opened last week and made a ton of money for the good folk at Warner Brothers this past weekend. I've never been obsessed by Harry Potter. I read the first five books, enjoyed them for what they were, but I wouldn't say I loved them, unlike some I know. I saw the first five movies — I even went to the London premieres of the first three and have interviewed many of these responsible for the films over the years — but think only Alfonso Cuaron's Prisoner Of Azkaban is a great movie, although Yates did a fine job with Order Of The Phoenix and I'm sure he's probably done a good job with Half-Blood Prince. But I missed the first press screening of Half-Blood Prince and, well, I just haven't got round to paying to see it yet, and, to be honest, I'd rather see Public Enemies again. Or read a book. Or a comic. Or watch a DVD. But that's just me.


Gerard said...

I'm in a similar - albeit even less Potter-peopled - boat. I've only ever read the first of the books, and have seen each of the films at the movies once apiece. I've always wanted to go back to Azkaban, though, but I really found myself swept up by Half-Blood Prince. I thought Order of the Phoenix was entertaining but infuriatingly self-contained (five films in, is it too much to expect a little escalation?), but Half-Blood Prince is a surprisingly sweet and emotionally engaging film, and one I happily intend to sit through again in the future.

And I take it you at least enjoyed Public Enemies? Or, at the very least, thought it was interesting and worthy of further attention? Personally, I can't wait to check it out again upon its release over here at the end of the month.

Gina said...

Completely agree with Gerard. HBP is certainly the most enjoyable HP film thus far. Do I wish they split this one up to 2 films as well? Yeah, I do, but *shrug* I loved it. Clearly fans are upset about what was left out but I don't know why they keep complaining - have they not learned? Especially with each film adapting a bigger book. I think this one tied up the basics nicely, just like OotP.

Mark Salisbury said...

Ok, you've convinced me. I'll give it a go.

@ Gerard. As for PE, I'm still mulling it over — lots of good things, some flaws — which is why I've not posted a review yet, and which is why I feel the need to see it a second time.

Gerard said...

I'm still thinking on PE myself, but the more I do, the more I really like it. I'm fully aware it won't be to everyone's taste and that it's certainly a different film to what I'd been expecting (and I was expecting straight up latter day Mann, which is what was served up), but all of the things I'd initally thought interesting but perhaps not what I'd wanted from the thing I've since come to appreciate. And it's stuck with me more than almost any other film I've seen this year (barring a few notable exceptions).

Get where you're coming from though - tough thing to write up with any modicum of intelligence or consideration after just the one viewing.