Thursday, 29 November 2007

Sweeney junket

Spent some time at the Sweeney Todd junket this week. Said hello and chatted to Tim, Dick Zanuck, and Colleen Atwood. Interviewed Tim, Johnny and Helena again for pieces that I will link to once they go online.

The Tim/Johnny interview was fun. I've interviewed them both many times before, but never together, although I have seen how they are on set, working. But listening to them chat back and forth, finishing one another's thoughts, you could really feel the love, laughter and respect both men share for each other.


Gerard said...

...and that's why we love them.

Can't wait for the interviews. You have no idea how envious I am right now ;)

Stram said...

Lucky you... i can't wait too!

eroz said...

Thank you for that lovely comment. I can't wait for the interviews and more importantly the book.

Karen at Johnny Depp Reads said...

Johnny and Tim are amazingly funny together, I saw an interview from the Access Hollywood (I think) site and once they cracked up, they couldn't stop. Poor Johnny was spitting coffee he was laughing so hard. Mark, I can't wait to read what you have to say in your interview with them all.