Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Awards Season

The awards season, counting down to Oscar night, has already begun. Oscar sites are up and running, "For your consideration" ads have started to appear in the trades, predictions have been made, proclaimations posted, even though some films have yet to be released or screened.

I'm a BAFTA member. I get to vote for the BAFTA awards, which means I get sent a ton of DVD screeners between now and the end of December. So far two have turned up. A film called Man In The Chair starring Christopher Plummer as well as a screener for Knocked Up.

I'm always very dilligent in my voting and watching, and I'm going to attempt to keep you up to date on my viewing habits and my favourites over the next couple of months.

Last night I saw Sidney Lumet's Before The Devil Knows You're Dead which I'd been hearing good things about for a while now. It was great. Really great. If it's on near you, do check it out, although try to avoid seeing the trailer beforehand because it gives far too much away.

I'll have more to say about it another time, but for now I have a pressing deadline that I must attend to...

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