Friday, 30 November 2007

Tim Burton Por Tim Burton

One of the lovely spin-offs of having written Burton On Burton are the various foreign editions I have lined up on my book shelves. The Japanese one still remains my favourite because, well, it's in Japanese, but I have to say that Spanish publisher Alba has always done a nice job with its edition. This is the revised edition which arrived in the post today.


Gerard said...

Mark, is the most recent version of this the one to include Corpse Bride and Charlie? And can we expect a further revision after Sweeney Todd?

I just like to keep on top of these things :)

Mark Salisbury said...

One of the great things about the Faber series, that Burton On Burton is part of, is it's ongoing nature.

Yes, there will be another version — which will include Sweeney — but probably not for another two or three films.

Gerard said...

Excellent, thanks. The version I own I've have for a number of years and only goes as far as Planet of the Apes. Knowing now there won't be an update for a good few years yet, I'll pick up a new copy ASAP :)