Thursday, 19 November 2009

Burton talks MoMA

While I was in New York, I spent some time talking with Tim Burton about Alice In Wonderland but, inevitably, I asked him how he was feeling about his MoMA exhibition.

"I’m very excited," he said, sitting in a spacious MoMA meeting room overlooking the central courtyard that houses Edward Scissorhands topiaries, and from which we could also see the giant Balloon Boy, pictured above. "It’s so surreal. It’s hard for me to look at because, really, it is like cleaning out the closet, kind of, and a bit scary. But it is really nice. We did some new little pieces for it, and Balloon Boy turned out great. So it’s fun. And it gave me a chance to do something while [Alice] is stewing away in a computer somewhere."


Gerard said...

Love Baloon Boy. He's very Roy.

Mark Salisbury said...

There's a lot of stuff from the Oyster Boy collection.

Gerard said...

Splendid. Love those characters.

Also, 'Baloon'? Way to spell, me.