Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Short takes: The Losers and [REC]2

The Losers
For the most part a hugely enjoyable adaptation of the Vertigo Comic penned by Andy Diggle and drawn by Jock, with some cool visuals, a terrific ensemble, and the smoking hot Zoe Saldana. It's great, too, to see Jason Patric back on form, and for once, they left the door open for a sequel that I actually want, although, alas, the mediocre box office performance probably makes that unlikely.

Not as good as the first one, which I loved. A case of familiarity breeding boredom, despite several jolts and one wonderfully black moment when a teenager wastes the wrong guy. That said, the film is as aimless as its characters, trapped in a cool conceit and unable to find its way out. The "it's a virus, no it's demonic possession, no it's a slug-like creature..." didn't help either. They're already planning parts 3 and 4. Here's hoping they get things back on track.

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