Monday, 28 June 2010

Heeere's Johnny UPDATED!

Rango Poster

Empire has the exclusive on the trailer. Click here.


Hal Gracie said...

That poster is very Fear & Loathing-esque. The eyes, the long bendy neck, the Hawaiian shirt, the desert… oh, and that bloke Depp is in it. Seeing ‘Nickoledeon’ at the bottom makes me think any similarities to the Hunter S. Thompson flick will end there. Still looking forward to it though. Depp might be the only actor whose voice presence alone would get me interested. Not only is he vocally interesting (you’d have to be, wouldn’t ya, if you were unlucky enough to be saddled with a face like that!), but you gotta trust his choices 9 times outta 10.

Mark Salisbury said...

There's a wonderful moment in the trailer where Rango "meets" Hunter in Fear And Loathing.

Hal Gracie said...

I broke the habit of a lifetime and just gave the trailer a watch – looks interesting, loved that ultra-brief F & L nod. I normally avoid trailers completely to see the film as fresh as possible. I’ve made exceptions for Red Dragon since it was a remake and The Phantom Menace coz you had to!

For any Tim Burton fans that check this site – and I’m guessing there must be quite a few – the previously sold out The Art of Tim Burton book is back on sale. I was in Forbidden Planet (London) earlier today and they have the 2nd edition, signed with a print for £190. It’s a different print from the first edition, probably a better choice for framing, certainly more colourful.

Decision time. Would I rather have a standard first edition and the extra £140, or a signed second edition?! I’ll sleep on it.

Mark Salisbury said...

You never watch trailers? Not even at the cinema?

As for the Art Of Tim Burton, it's a wonderful book in whatever edition you end up buying.

I know it's all relative, but £190 isn't a bad investment when you consider copies of the first limited edition were, at one point, fetching $1000 on ebay...

Hal Gracie said...

Nope, don’t ever watch trailers in cinemas. I don’t go in until 15 minutes after the advertised time. I know there will be that two minute ‘Orange advert’ between trailers and the movie (at Cineworld anyway) which is a nice buffer against me missing anything if I walk out for a few minutes with trailers still in full flow.

And I mostly go alone. I’ve only been to the cinema three times in two years with my girlfriend. (Bruno and the Lovely Bones which she wanted to see, and Valkyrie for some reason). It’s caused some problems in the past, I have to admit. I split up with a girl almost directly after The Kingdom of Heaven. She was mad afterwards because we hadn’t arrived in plenty time for trailers and the best seats. I was mad because I wanted to see Ridley Scott’s head on a stick!

I have to agree on the Burton book. It’s beautifully produced and I was very happy with it. It brings back the exhibition beautifully, although it didn’t include my favourite piece from MoMA (the monster climbing the Empire State Building poem / drawing). So I’ll need to buy the slim ‘Burton at MoMA’ book as well. I’m definitely leaning towards just picking up the edition with the lithograph – as you say, it’s likely to keep its value. The Comic Artists book you mentioned is in the post too – looking forward to it.

Mark Salisbury said...

Okay, I can see how that works, but before the internet came along, part of the fun of going to the cinema was seeing what trailers were playing.

Even know, I get excited waiting for them to show up and even now I'm occasionally surprised, as with Wild Target recently (although the film, I'm sad to say, turned out to be a stinker).

Did you ever see the director's cut of KoH? Much better.

Be interested to know what you think of Artists when it turns up...

Hal Gracie said...

I heard KOH DC was better and bought a 4 disc set, but have never had the time to watch it.

I hated every minute of Robin Hood too. The only recent-ish Ridley Scott film I love is Hannibal, probably his least popular.

Almost finished the Artists book. I hope you don't spoil it all at the end with a silly twist! :-)

Mark Salisbury said...

It's worth giving it a go. Far superior to the theatrical cut.

I liked both Black Hawk Down Matchstick Men a lot. Hated A Good Year. Enjoyed Body Of Lies. Admired American Gangster but felt I'd seen that story done many times before.

Robin Hood I couldn't bring myself to see.

Hal Gracie said...

I liked American Gangster until the end when Crowe & Washington 'team up'. Didn't enjoy Body of Lies. Reviews put me off A Good Year. Liked Matchstick Men at the time, but don't remember much about it.

You didn't miss much on Robin Hood. Bizarre exercise all round. It's a tight call between RH and Lost In Space for 'Worst Film William Hurt has ever appeared in', and I've even seen his B movies. What put you off it?

Mark Salisbury said...

The reviews, the length... the perceived "dour" tone.

Actually saw Scott last night at the Inception premiere party... How's that for name dropping? Didn't speak to him, mind.