Monday, 28 June 2010


Miroslav Klose, David James
How much do they get paid a week and yet they can't do basic stuff like pass and retain the ball. And defend.


J.D. said...

What an asskicking of the highest order the Germans delivered on England. Ouch. It was embarrassing to watch. So many mistakes and not just on the pitch but the lineup selection, the formation, the subs... the list goes on.

On the plus side, wow, did Argentina ever look strong. And I love Maradona - he is such an unpredictable goofball and I mean that in the sincerist way.

Mark Salisbury said...

"The list goes on..."

Indeed it does.

Brazil are looking good, too, but have a tough tie against Holland next. My money's still on Spain, though.

Hal Gracie said...

It’s sad to see all the England flags come down round my way (Essex). It really made it feel like team spirit in the streets, just a shame it didn’t on the field. (I'm not even a hardcore football fan, I only get excited - then deflated - for England)

We're now in the sad position that Capello won’t resign as he’s basically saying goodbye to £12 million. Better to get the humiliation of the sack and the paycheck.

Mark Salisbury said...

You could feel the nation deflate following Sunday's defeat... I wonder if those flags are recyclable?

As for the £12m, I bet someone at the FA's feeling stoopid now...