Monday, 14 June 2010


Saturday's football match between England v USA didn't go quite as planned but in amongst all the subsequent media coverage (mainly centred around the "unfortunate" England goalkeeper Robert Green), I found this to be highly amusing.


Lloyd said...

Unfortunatly my mate was showing off his HD system setup, so we missed the England goal!

Germany looked very good yesterday, very slick!

Mark Salisbury said...

I had my TV tuned to ITV HD also. Was not pleased.

Germany and the Argentina are the only teams to have played with any fluidity thus far.

J.D. said...

Yeah, England played poorly 'cept for Gerrard's brilliant goal early on. And am I imaging things but didn't early on (pre-World Cup) coach Capello say he wasn't going to bring anyone to South Africa who was injured? Look at all the injuries that are piling up for England. Yikes.

That being said, the US isn't going to get very far.

Mark Salisbury said...

Nope. you're not imagining things. That's what Capello said.

I'm also not sure I agree with his tactics of only telling the players if they're in the team just two hours before they play.

Then again, if they win the World Cup, all will be forgiven...

Hal Gracie said...

Saturday just wasn't my day. I got into central-ish London to find that most of the underground was closed, went looking for the Central Line and ended up walking around Spitalfields in an angry daze like Jack The Ripper. Then my train home was cancelled, and rather than have a nice three hour build up to the match, I had 15 minutes.

Needless to say after all that, I watched in ITV HD! Utter scumbags. I don't even blame the goalkeeper, I blame ITV. I actually wanted the USA to equalise so that I could at least see the England winner, so ITV have ended up making me feel all manner of guilt and shame. They should be fined into bankruptcy.

Mark Salisbury said...

I suspect someone lost their job over that particular incident. Or, at the very least, was severely reprimanded.

Sounds to me like your mood was precisely the best way to watch England.

Let's hope Friday night's game proceeds without HD cock ups or travel woes. But with more success on the pitch.