Thursday, 25 February 2010

Alice at the British Library

Last night's event at the British Library turned out rather well. Will Self offered his own unique appreciation of Lewis Carroll's seminal work, and it was great to see the restored 1903 film version of Alice In Wonderland on the big screen, tinted and with piano accompaniment. But the highlights for me were readings from the text by Michael Sheen and Christopher Lee. The newly knighted Lee read from The Jabberwocky. While Sheen read from Down The Rabbit Hole and Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Someone should get him to do an audio book of the entire thing, he was brilliant.

Here's a nice write up by Filmshaft.


Dominic Rixson said...

Mark...I never knew you were a writer DUDE!

Mark Salisbury said...

Yeah, that made me laugh too.

Anonymous said...

great night. Thanks for hosting. I went to see Matt Lucas though of course he didn't turn up! Oh, well, I thought, at least Michael Sheen and Christopher Lee are here. However the best bits without a doubt the the brilliant early film from the BFI and Will Self's provocative turn. Kind of showed up what the rest of the event was really about!