Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Alice In Wonderland trailers

Like it? Let me know. To see it in HD click here. I really love that pig.

UPDATED It seems we have another one. The UK trailer which has a little extra at the start.


Anonymous said...

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Gerard said...

Man, this Anonymous just won't let up, huh?

Stram said...

Wop wop wop! I LOVE IT! It looks just amazing! And the pig is very funny!

Mark Salisbury said...

@ Gerard

I wouldn't mind but I don't understand a word he's saying.

@ Stram

Wop wop indeed. Amazing it sure is.

Matt J said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm-still not sold on this-looks like it has a great dark tone but visually it's a total mish mash, like cheesy 90s Photoshop art!

Avatar seems similarly rooted in 80s 'fantasy art'-Boris Vallejo/Elfquest. The story is straight out of animated flick-Ferngully!

Mark Salisbury said...

@ Matt J

Have faith fella. Burton knows what he's doing.

Michael Smith said...

Wow! I can't wait. This looks fabulous. I can only dream how it will look in IMAX 3D! I hope it works as a complete film. I remember being disappointed by CATCF because I don't think it cohered as a film; I think that was an instance of Burton 'doing' Burton - a charge levelled at him by some of my friends who think he consistantly and cynically repeats a self-consciously auteristic formula he knows he he has a market on. I'm not incline to say that - I love his films, and his braveness in (for instace) making a musical (and a 'proper' musical, to boot, and incidentally my favourite film of that year, apart from Jesse James) deserves kudos and undermines such an analysis. Sorry - got sidetracked. In essence, looks great, but hope it has heart and works in totality. I think Burton is a very consistant artist and, whatever one may feel about his style (and I know it isn't to everyone's taste), he's making films from his own genuine creative impulses - I doubt he would even pause to think he might be fiollowing some kind of formula. I do still think Edward is his best film, and I hope he will make a film soon where he has originated everything himself, rather than another adaptation (even if that is of one of his own shorts, remade to feature length!) In fact, Mark, do you have any idea why TB so often adapts, remakes or uses material already in existance? I'm just curious. Like I say, it'd be good to see him originate more projects than 'Burtonizing' already existing things.

Merry xmas all.

Mark Salisbury said...

Hi Michael

Thanks for dropping by.

As for why Tim has adapted so frequently in recent, I think it's simply because he's offered these projects to direct and because they speak to him they're hard to pass up. And obviously after Alice he's going to be working on both Frankenweenie (which, while his material, is also a remake) and Dark Shadows (another adaptation).

I, too, would like to see him do something along the lines of Edward Scissorhands again, but at least we had the Oyster Boy book and there's so much original material in the Art Of Tim Burton book, too

Anonymous said...

It's funny. When Tim does something off the wall he gets scrutenized for it but when he does something main stream, people question his artistic ability. Can people make up their minds about him or not and quit flip-flopping.