Monday, 6 October 2008

Scott's New World

The great Ridley Scott, whose Body Of Lies opens in the US this week and in the UK in November, has talked more about his plans for adapting Aldous Huxley's Brave New World — although he doesn't yet have a script he's happy with. "We're still struggling with that one," says Scott. "I have 40 things on the go at once. But that's a very important one. And sometimes, some surface faster than the others. It's partly luck of the draw. Even with a good writer, he'll do it and screw up. So then you go back to the table and start all over again, it's hard. The hardest single thing is getting it on paper."

* hat tip to Steve Schmid


Stram said...

This going to be a very hard task to make a good movie out of such a book! And, he talks about Leo Dicaprio, but for which part?

Mark Salisbury said...

My instinct is we won't see this any time soon.

Matt J said...

40 options on the go-hah! Last weekend I watched the 4 part Searchlab interview with him on Utube & he dismisses directors with so much in development saying they can't make their minds up!

Shame about his TRIPOLI hitting the skids-anything written by Bill Monahan is worth watching. Also looks like BLOOD MERIDIAN has gone to Todd Fields.

Mark Salisbury said...

I must check that out on youtube.

I've noticed our Ridley often contradicts himself, it's part of his charm.