Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Random matters...

It's been a while since I've posted anything of length here and for that I apologise. It's not that I've been idle this last week or so, rather I've been watching films and DVDs and Blu-Rays, interviewing directors and doing things I can't talk about just yet. Press screenings for the London Film Festival have begun, Raindance is upon us and soon the BAFTA torrent will begin in earnest.

For the record, this is a snapshot of some of my recent, work-related viewing:

Quarantine — a good horror remake
Import/Export — grim but absorbing
Eagle Eye — headache inducing
Taken — mindless action
The Broken — pretentious

Army Of Darkness (BR)
Jerry Maguire (BR)
Reservoir Dogs: Special Edition (BR)
The Messengers (BR)
District 13 (BR)
Cinema 16: World Shorts (DVD)
Wanted (DVD)
Felon (BR)
Black Emanuelle (DVD)
Emanuelle In Bangkok (DVD)

And yes, I did have to watch a pair of Black Emanuelle films for work. It's tough, I know.

Elsewhere, the latest trailer for The Spirit gives more of a sense of what Frank Miller's got in store for us...

... while the new trailer for The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button looks just stunning.

I've noticed, too, that the Alice cast members are slowly being unveiled one by one, with Variety revealing Michael Sheen's presence today, and Matt Lucas confirming his participation on Friday's Jonathan Ross. Expect a few more...


Gerard said...

Sheen - March Hare or King of Hearts?

How was that Spirit presentation you went to? Are you still keen for the film, because all I'm reading is hate, hate, hate.

Surprised to hear Quarantine was decent, but glad. I guess I'm less interested as I can place most of the cast and so that instantly removes a level of engagement for me.

Things you can't talk about, huh? Any of them Burton related, perchance? Two new films on the way, c'mon...

Mark Salisbury said...

Couldn't make the Spirit presentation in the end which was a real shame but those are the breaks.

I was surprised I liked Quarantine as much as I did, but then again they adhere so slavishly to the original that's almost half the battle. There are a few tweaks (many of them welcome), it's a little longer, but if you haven't seen the original you're in for a treat. It's better than the trailer suggests.

Gerard said...

Sounds good. I think we get it in November, so I might actually check it out now on your recommendation.

Finally saw Burn After Reading tonight. Loved that ending...

Mark Salisbury said...

Didn't you feel the JK Simmons character (as great as he was) was only there to tie all the loose ends up?

Gerard said...

More or less, but I thought that was all part of the joke. Those two almost reminded me of Sam Elliott in Lebowski...