Friday, 22 August 2008

Sweeney gets pinched

It was reported yesterday that DNA Films, makers of 28 Days Later, Sunshine and 28 Weeks Later among others, had the plug pulled on their big screen update of The Sweeney which was only weeks away from shooting under the direction of Nick Love with Ray Winstone rumoured to star.

According to Variety, Fox Searchlight, which backs DNA, is said to be concerned about the international prospects of the project.

"DNA reps said Fox execs are believed to have had doubts the $16 million pic, while looking a sure-fire hit in Blighty because it's based on a cult 1970s TV series, would sell elsewhere without a major star.

"Rather than continue with pre-production in the hopes of nabbing a big name at the last minute, Fox and DNA mutually agreed to step back and wait. They are still hoping to go into production next year.

"We're confident we'll get the film made next year," said DNA production chief Allon Reich.

Let's hope so.

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