Monday, 4 August 2008

Monday musing

So The Dark Knight continued to rule the roost at the US box office, headings the charts for the three week on the bounce and will soon have taken $400m in North America alone. That's mighty impressive. Less so is the fact that Mummy 3 took close to $35m(!).

Oh, and The X Files tanked. Shame.

Universal have picked up the remake rights to Island Of Lost Souls, a nice little Danish fantasy film that I reviewed at last year's London Film Festival but at least they've got the original director, Nikolaj Arcel, to return.

Tomorrow's 2000AD panel at BFI Southbank is almost sold out, so if you're thinking of coming, do it quick.

Screenings of Rocknrolla and Clone Wars this week, plus a pile of films/DVDs/Blu-rays to review.


Gerard said...

I'm putting the feelers out for a Clone Wars screening, but have a bad feeling that should one even be on the cards, I'll already be booked in for some Film Festival stuff.

I've just read three really quite positive reviews which have me rather excited.

Gerard said...

Also, what did you think of X-Files?

Mark Salisbury said...

Haven't seen it yet. You?

Gerard said...

Finally caught it a couple of days ago. It's not really very spooky, instead favouring a Mulder/Scully relationship drama, which has turned a LOT of people right off. However, as far as disappointments go, I didn't mind it too much, just felt it was an odd way to go with the first new X-File in six years. I enjoyed it okay, but it wasn't what I'd hoped for. But yeah. Not the trainwreck many are claiming by a long shot.

Schmid4Brains said...

hey... how was rocknrolla?