Monday, 11 August 2008

Monday musing

It's been a shitty few days, what with the passing of Simon Gray, Bernie Brillstein, Bernie Mac, and Isaac Hayes, not to mention the various political situations around the globe which don't make it a happy planet at the moment despite the Olympics. Given all that, it's hard to muster the energy to congratulate The Dark Knight on a fourth weekend at the top of the US box office. But congratulate it we must. Nolan's film has knocked Shrek 2 (!) off its perch as the third highest domestic grosser of all time and now has Star Wars in its sights. Talking of which, I skipped The Clone Years yesterday with a crappy cough which has plagued me all week but reading Variety's review this morning I don't think I missed much. What I did watch last night, was writer/director Jeff Nichols' indie gem Shotgun Stories which is out in the UK on DVD in September and which I will review nearer release.


Schmid4Brains said...

i know this if off topic, (but srsly, when do i ever stay ON topic? never. so i figured i'd just start right off... off topic.) what the hell is going on with tropic thunder? why is there a boycott going on? i'm so utterly confused by this (mostly b/c i can't seem to pin down exactly what the boycott is against) nonsensical rubbish. if it's the fake movie "simple jack" and the retarded comment... then this whole boycott bullshit IS retarded.

with this in mind, i think everyone who was ever offended by a movie (main theme or viral marketing whatevers) should launch a campaign to boycott those movies - whether they're in theaters or not. if blockbuster is carrying an flick that rubs you the wrong way BOYCOTT! if HBO is showing some original edgy comedy that you may not agree with - BOYCOTT! fucking boycott everything. why should anyone be offended ever?!

now i know what you're thinking - i'm a middle class white male. i have no right to be offended because i'm the one doing the offending. well let me tell YOU something - there is NO GROUP more oppressed (in the last 20 years) than the MWM. we are mocked by anyone and everyone for being just who we are. "whitey" cannot make fun because he is the repressor. he is the reason for all the evil in the world and HE (not she) will pay all the time and for everything that everyone does regardless of the actual circumstances.

i could go on and on, but let's re-group here. does anyone have any actual information on this boycott of tropic thunder (which looks hilarious)? there was no boycott of pineapple express, which glorifies excessive drug abuse, of the dark knight, which glorifies rampant vigilantism (or however you spell it). there was not even a word of a boycott of WALL-E! a CHILDRENS movie that depicts a distant DISTOPIAN FUTURE for earth! how will that effect our children?! ripping the hope for a bright tomorrow right out of them!

whew. well... back to drawing pictures.

Mark Salisbury said...

I love it when you stray off topic. Love it!

You know what, I haven't been following this story at all, but if people are getting themselves all worked up over a Ben Stiller movie, well... maybe I should refrain from commenting until I know what it is I'm commenting on. I'll get back to you on this one.