Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Cannes 2008

Cannes kicks off today with Fernando Meirelles' Blindness and reviews should start hitting the net by lunchtime. In the meantime, here's Variety's Anne Thompson's interview with him. The New York Times has an interesting piece on the uncertain future for Cannes films in the US, while NYT critic AO Scott muses on the different colour-coded press badges that cause so much consternation and angst for critics in Cannes. In fact, such a hot topic is the badge colour issue among journos that Variety has pulled together several stories on the subject. (The last time I went for Premiere I had a pink one with a yellow dot, in case you were wondering.)

The same as last year, I will be collating the various thoughts of the critical fraternity about what's showing in Cannes, and there will be contributions too from reel world matters' regular matt j who took these photos.

More soon.

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