Friday, 16 May 2008

Blindness: a different view

The reviews filtering out of Cannes for Fernando Meirelles' Blindness have been mixed at best, with the general consensus that it was too much of a downer for an opening night movie. matt j has a different take on it. "If you can buy into the high concept 'world gone blind' premise then there's much in the flick to enjoy in Fernando Meirelles' arresting and stylish studio pic," he writes. "Meirelles confines most of the action to an isolation hospital with nameless characters who rapidly devolve into basic human archetypes according to their moral standpoints. The human degradation and coarse politics are brutally depicted, often shocking but exquisitely photographed by C├ęsar Charlone. He sets up unforgiving tableau reminiscent of Lucian Freud's paintings in their 'warts & all', flesh & filth depiction. What could have been a generic B-movie disaster pic in the hands of a lesser director is elevated to A status by Meirelles, his technical team and an outstanding cast."

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