Monday, 3 December 2007

"Ten decades"


Gerard said...

Oh man, that was great! I can't tell if she found it as funny as they did or not, but this basically sums up everything I love about the two of them :) Thanks a lot for posting this.

Essi said...

Hahaa, I saw this one earlier on Access Hollywood's site. :D It's wonderful. I've never seen Depp laugh like that, and I've seen quite a few of his interviews. :D Thank God for the hole in the jeans. Hehe. I love the "preparation" part when you can clearly see the wheels turning in Burton's mind and that tiny smile appearing on his face. Priceless.

It's great to see Burton and Depp having such a laugh, even at the expense of the poor reporter. :D It'd probably be such a treat to meet them or just listen to their conversations as a fly on the wall. :D

Fran said...

Funniest interview ever... :D