Wednesday, 12 December 2007

AVP: Requiem opening online

The first five minutes of AVP: Requiem are now online for anybody interested. Click the headline to find them. I noticed the other day that the film's actually called Aliens Versus Predator: Requiem and not Alien Versus Predator: Requiem as I'd originally thought, presumably as a nod to Cameron's sequel which added an extra "s" to the original film's title.


Schmid4Brains said...

i don't know what to think about this... i mean, it takes place in a small town? seriously? don't these assholes have any other FUN worlds so battle on? instead of flopping around in a swamp, why not over a pit of lava or better yet! have it take place in the distant future where there's tons of different aliens already living here and these guys just can't get with the program? and earth is like, can't we all just get along? and the aliens are like, well you can't even give us a specific NAME. we're all just "aliens" to you" and then there's this big civil suit for the equality of aliens. but then the predators are like, "grunt grunt grrrrunt" and then they pull that super exploding device and blow up a building and shit and earth is like "woah! you need to go home." and the predators are like, "you suck." and aliens are like, "yeah but we can't even VOTE." and then there's a hot chick and she pushes some button by accident and loses part of her shirt and most of her pants and then the rock comes out and the movie doom start and the predators are like, "this movie sucks. we're outta here." and everyone's like "yay!" and the aliens are all like, "can we chill for a minute." and the hot chick is like, "die scum!" and she's REALLY that chick from species and murders the head alien protester and they all get really scared and leave.

roll credits.

Mark Salisbury said...

I can't tell you how much that made me laugh!

If the movie's only as partially entertaining as your comment, I'll be happy...