Monday, 2 July 2007

Today's tasty morsel

"If you really want to know what Transformers feels like, think of a hundred-and-thirty-five-minute, hundred-and-fifty-million-dollar retread of Herbie Goes Bananas." — Anthony Lane, The New Yorker

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Schmid4Brains said...


i hate critics that take the fun out of movies. i mean... seriously.

it's like saying, "in finding nemo, disney should have looked for a story line with a little more DEPTH. the dialogue is shallow and characters have little to no substance."

if you're looking for Platoon, don't go see Delta Farce. and if you DO see Delta Farce, don't review it like you thought you were going to see Platoon! review it for what it is! it's a movie based ON A CARTOON about GIANT ROBOTS. give me a break here! who does this asshole think he is? does he expect anyone to take him seriously with that comment?

in any case, herbie goes bananas was friggin fantastic. how dare he knock a classic like that.

stick THAT in your hat, mr. lane. you're a hack.