Thursday, 26 July 2007

Blade Runner: The Final Cut DVD

Variety is reporting that the long-awaited Blade Runner: Final Cut DVD will be released on December 18 and will feature no less than than five different cuts of the movie. "The film will be available in both HD formats and in three different DVD editions, with the final cut also receiving select theatrical playdates in New York, Los Angeles and the Venice Film Fest," writes Stephen Saito. "Originally conceived as a two-DVD set with seamless branching of additional scenes and separate audio tracks for Ford's narration, the project has taken on near-mythological levels, requiring DVD producer Charles de Lauzirika to sort through 977 boxes of negative and even supervising a day of reshoots involving Joanna Cassidy and Harrison Ford's son Ben, who synched up a scene at Abdul Al-Assan's snake shop that has long irritated fans. The final set arrives in a briefcase containing five different versions of the film (including the workprint that started it all) and a three-hour documentary, giving fans license to choose their favorite take." I'm not sure the world really needs five different versions of Blade Runner but I'm very interested in seeing the legendary workprint after reading about it for so long. I saw a badly scratched print of the original theatrical version at the Nuart in Los Angeles about five years ago and so it'll be nice to finally get my hands on a pristine DVD copy, complete with laconic narration and happy ending.

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