Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Not long now...

"Criterion's package is just about everything Ace lovers could have wished, and more," writes Premiere.com's Glenn Kenny in his review of the Ace In The Hole DVD, my copy of which should be with me any day now. "A superb, razor-sharp version of the film, with a dry but informative and thorough commentary by Wilder scholar Neil Sinyard. A second disc features an engaging 1980 documentary on Wilder, Portrait of a 60% Perfect Man, in which formidable critic Michel Ciment interviews the director. There are a few additional archival interviews and a nice afterword from Spike Lee, who speaks of his admiration for the picture (which he once tried to remake) and shows off his lobby card for the retitled version, signed by both Wilder and Douglas." http://www.premiere.com/dvdreviews/3950/draw-this-ace.html

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