Monday, 2 July 2007

That's Bullock's

I first met Sandra Bullock way back in the early 90s when she was promoting Speed and later for While She Was Sleeping. I liked her. She was nice. And smart. And funny. In fact, she's one of the few actresses that's not disappointed me on meeting them. Another being Cate Blanchett. Anyway, I disgress. Back to Bullock. And Speed, which launched her career and made her a star. She did the sequel (rubbish), a John Grisham adaptation (okay, and her character drove a nice old Porsche 356, my favourite) and While You Were Sleeping which I saw in New York and liked it rather more than I perhaps should have. Since then I've not really seen much of her work. Wasn't interested in the Miss Congeniality movies and so she kind dropped off my radar. With this in mind, I approached the DVD of Premonition with both interest and trepidation. It had gotten mixed reviews and the plot seemed a bit hackneyed. But, guess what, it wasn't half bad. Bullock plays a hapless housewife and mother of two adorable moppets whose husband (Julian McMahon) is decapitated in a car accident one day but then appears alive the next. It's enough to send anyone a bit bonkers and so Bullock spends the movie in an unsmiling state until she figures out the intricacies of time-bending plot and realises her week’s scrambled. To change the future (or past?) she has to amend the past or something to save the life of her hubby who was about to doff a hottie from work and so maybe she should let him die. The space/time continuum is played stuff dead straight and Bullock gives a sombre, dedicated performance. It's not the most original of films, but at least the ending doesn't go the way you'd expect.

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Schmid4Brains said...

i gotta tell you... i saw this in the theater and if i knew you were going to watch this i would have screamed NOOOOOOOO!!! DON'T DO IT!

at the end of the movie i stood up and said, "wow. this is the first time i've REALLY felt cheated at the movies."

i kept waiting... and waiting... and waiting for something to happen and nothing ever did! then his car stalls in the middle of the road and a truck... jackknifes? it was on the opposite side of the road! i hated it and i will never forgive my wife for making me go with her.

why were her kids taken away from her like that? the complete opposite of what is, oh, LEGAL. they BLAME her for her stupid daughter running face first into the weakest plate glass window door EVER. i hope she thought long and hard about how much better her life would have been if she just let him get a new piece of tail.


only because i've seen worse.