Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Penal Code

The Da Vinci Code (the film, not the book) is to be investigated for allegedly breaking Italian obscenity laws. According to newspaper reports today, the state prosecutor's office in Civitavecchia, a little town 40 miles north of Rome, said it was opening a criminal investigation into the adaptation of Dan Brown's bestseller following a complaint from a group of Catholic clergy. The complaint claims the Da Vinci Code "breaks article 528 of Italy's penal code, which centres on obscenity on religious grounds, and names ten people, including Brown and director Ron Howard". I'm confused. Surely the only crime Howard and co. are guilty of is having produced an inordinately dull movie from such a trashily entertaining book.

UPDATE: The obscenity case has been dropped a day after being launched. So that's that, then. But that still doesn't excuse the movie being so bad.

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Schmid4Brains said...

i guess they're just mad that no one blamed the jews in this movie. that would have made it okay, i think.

wait... did they? i was told not to see it... ever.