Friday, 8 June 2007

Long time coming...

This new version of I Am Legend, based on the novel by Richard Matheson and already twice filmed, has been in development a very long time, first with Arnie in the lead, then Will Smith, and various directors attached down the years, among them Ridley Scott and Michael Bay. But it's Constantine's Francis Lawrence who's made it in the end with Smith. I didn't hate Constantine. It was a visual riot and Keanu was okay, only it wasn't the Hellblazer movie I'd been thinking about for years. Should have been Paul Bettany. Really should have been... Oh well.

Anyways, I Am Legend arrives December and here's the teaser. Looks very much like 28 Days Later set in New York to me which is funny cos I figure Matheson's book was probably an influence on screenwriter Alex Garland, along with JG Ballard. Only not shot on DV and with a much bigger budget.

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