Saturday, 16 June 2007

I am so looking forward to this... part two

I neglected to mention the Bourne movies in yesterday's "repetitive vision" post, both of which I find impossible to turn off when I come across either of them channel surfing. Stylistically very different, Bournes Identity and Supremacy certainly had an influence on the most recent Bond movie, although, if you ask me, they're infinitely superior to the vastly overrated Casino Royale. And of all the summer sequels, The Bourne Ultimatum is probably the one I've been looking forward to the most. I interviewed its director, Paul Greengrass, early on during the filming for Premiere. “Bourne’s on a quest,” he said. “He’s got find out who he is. [And] in order to really understand who he is, where he’s come from and why, he’s got to get back to how he came to join this thing in the first place.” This thing being Treadstone, the black ops CIA project that Bourne was once assigned to kill for. It’s a journey that begins “in the classic Cold War canvas of Moscow” and takes Matt Damon's ex-CIA hitman via London — where he meets Paddy Considine’s investigative journalist — to Paris and Tangiers, before heading back to New York “where he gets to the heart of the secret. And, in doing that, [he] provokes the bad guys to wanna kill him.” Can. Not. Wait.


Schmid4Brains said...

i can only hope that it's better than the second one. identity had a lot of sharp, clean shots that clearly let us follow the action. supremacy, (or however you spell it. i'm not opening Word for that.) i felt was very... jerky. i got motion sickness a few times (the fight scene in the apartment). i'll watch identity anytime, but the supremecy(fuck it, i'm looking it up... ha! i was right the first time!) left me wanting something more. maybe i just have to watch it as many times as identity and i'll get it.

of course, i can't wait for the third installment. triliogy endings never leave you with questions and always satisify.


Mark Salisbury said...

I agree that Identity is a less frantic viewing experience, easier to follow, and you get more of Franka, too, and yet I really like the Greengrass although I know what you mean about motion sickness — the climactic car chase was the cinematic equivalent of whiplash.

Don't know about you, but after watching Damon/Bourne beat the police up in the park in Identity I always thought he'd have made a good Batman.

Schmid4Brains said...

eeeeeh... batman? i don't know. i mean, sure, he coulda pulled it off in the post-burton batman movies (or as i like to call them, "awful"). but with the "re-invention" of the darker dark knight, i don't think he as the brooding, angry thing down. he's more of a mechanical hero.

i don't know if that really describes it, but i hope you get my point. bale is tearin' it up as the bat. damon is too likeable. sure, in the borne movies, he's a killing machine with anger and vengence and whatnot, but he's like, the "innocent" hero of those movies. he didn't build up the franchise starting from the ACTUAL beginning. they dropped us into a spot where we feel sorry for him.

i don't know... he's just too jokey. plus, whenever i see him, i can't stop thinking about that scene in "team america: world police". maaatt daaaaamon

HAHAHAHAHA oh man. yeah. no batman.

Mark Salisbury said...

No denying Bale makes the perfect Bat/Bruce combo. I just thought that fight scene in the park was bone-crunchingly cool. But that's just me.

Schmid4Brains said...

oh no doubt. that's exactly what i was looking for in supremacy... all the time.

Thisishollywood said...

Nice to talk.Greengrass comes full circle from the War on Terror film that bit its tongue to the popcorn flick that speaks volumes.