Thursday, 14 June 2007

Big Fish on Blu-Ray

Big Fish remains, to my mind, one of Tim Burton's best and most under-appreciated films. I find it intensely moving, and it feels like a filmmaker laying bare his soul for all the world to see. [He talks about it at great length in Burton on Burton.] It was magical and emotional in equal measure. And sentimental too. But in a good way. I say this only because I see that the film's now available on Blu-Ray and while they don't appear to have carried over the majority of the extras from the DVD onto this release, I'm pleased to see that they have included the commentary track featuring Burton and myself. has a nice review that culminates with this: "Thanks to Salisbury's presence and prodding, this is actually one of the better Burton tracks, one that isn't woefully silent like others you may have experienced." Check out the full review at

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