Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Someone likes it!

And so the negativity continues. Xan Brooks' two star review for The Guardian begins thus: "Tradition has it that the Cannes' opening night film is always met with a passionate response, either cheered to the rafters or booed to oblivion or sprayed with a turbulent cocktail of the two. My Blueberry Nights, by contrast, wrapped up with a discreet shuffle towards the exit door. On balance that seemed the most damning verdict of them all." And later Brooks proclaims that the film is "full of such false notes, such lost-in-translation moments that might conceivably have worked in a Hong Kong setting but fall flat on the road to California."

But there is a lone voice calling out from the Croisette in MBN's favour. Anne Thompson, esteemed deputy editor of and a former Premiere colleague of mine appears to be the sole person who's come out in print and declared she likes My Blueberry Nights. In her essential column, which can be found at, Anne calls it "a delicious mood poem, a visually stunning ode to the lips of Norah Jones and Jude Law, who deliver the film's highlight: a soft, sumptuous, slow kiss."

So there.

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