Monday, 14 May 2007

Raising Capone

I'm a sucker for Brian De Palma. Even his bad movies (and, let's face it, there have been a few down the years) have such inspired moments and amazing camera technique that I tend to forgive them their ridiculous plot twists and/or lack of narrative cohesion. Carrie, The Fury, Dressed To Kill, Blow Out, Phantom Of The Paradise, Carlito's Way, Casualties Of War and, of course, Scarface remain firm favourites of mine. I have a soft spot for Raising Cain and I can even find something of merit in his pretty lamentable adaptation Bonfire Of The Vanities. His version of the Elliot Ness/Al Capone saga, The Untouchables, was, along with Mission: Impossible, about as mainstream as De Palma's got over the years with a great Ennio Morricone score to boot. I'm not sure what to think about the idea of De Palma doing a Capone prequel, especially with Nic Cage taking over the role from De Niro. Cage hasn't made anything for years that's got me cinemabound, but here's hoping De Palma can get the best out of him. If not, there'll still be some amazing Steadicam moments to keep me interested.

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