Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Just because...

I like this pic and the film's been getting such a pounding. After his earlier quick post, Jeff Wells laid into MYB with gusto. " A horribly written, woefully banal self- discovery mood piece (the word "drama" really can't be applied)," he begins, adding "I don't know which is worse -- the whole waitressing-in-Memphis section of the film, or the endless soul-searching section with Law in the pastry shop. But put 'em together and wham, you're looking at your watch and going "holy bejeezus, this is dreadful." It's time for Kar to say "okay, it didn't work" and hightail it back to China. He doesn't get America (he's not the first foreign-born director to distinguish himself in this regard) and he sure as shit doesn't get how people talk here." Geez.

It's Natalie Portman, from My Blueberry Nights, in case you're wondering.

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