Saturday, 26 May 2007

A long time ago...

In a cinema far, far away... well, about thirty miles from where I now type, I saw Star Wars which is, incredibly, 30 years old. Happy Birthday!

As with a lot of people of my generation, the film was life-changing, although I always liked Empire Strikes Back so much better. Darker. More downbeat. That scene in cave. Yoda. Plus I had the hots for Leia in this one.

A guy at my school, whose dad worked on Empire's special effects, told me long before the film came out that Vadar was Luke dad! I was shocked, and I didn't believe him. How could it be! No! My reaction, I recall, mirrored Luke's own, upon finding out, although, fortunately, I didn't lose a hand.

By the time Jedi had come around I'd grown up sufficiently enough to find the Ewoks annoying and didn't enjoy the film in the same way as the two before. [And let's not even go there regarding the prequels.]

Even so, I never forgot the joy of those first two films. I have them on video. Laserdisc. DVD. I have so many toys, too. And plastic lightsabres.

The force will always be in this one.

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