Monday, 17 January 2011

The Golden Globes

68th Annual Golden Globe Awards - David Fincher
Colin Firth

Not much to say, really. I didn't stay up and do that live blog/tweet thing — here's Hadley Freeman's liveblog from The Guardian in its entirety should you wish to catch up — but I woke up this morning thrilled that The Social Network won four — count 'em — Globes: Best Film (Drama), Best Director (David Fincher — hurray!), Best Screenplay (Sorkin) and Best Score (Reznor & Ross). Thrilled too that Paul Giamatti's work in Barney's Version was recognised but fear that, as in recent times, any surprise winner on the acting Oscars has now gone. It's going to be Firth, Portman, Leo and Bale, guarantee it folks.

Here's the full list of winners.


J.D. said...

I thought Gervais was funny as hell and it was great to see him rip into Hollywood and the foreign press. Good to see Fincher finally getting some recognition. Could he be a lock for the Oscar. I suppose if he gets the DGA that will surely lock it up for him (but maybe not). Little sad that INCEPTION got shut out but hopefully they'll sweep the techie Oscar awards and rightly so.

Mark Salisbury said...

I think Fincher and THE SOCIAL NETWORK is now favourite for the Oscars while THE KING'S SPEECH has that status over here re: the BAFTAs. That being said, I think Fincher will take it in both the UK and US. Certainly hope so. Certainly deserves to IMHO.