Tuesday, 18 January 2011

BAFTA 2011 nominations

I have shared my thoughts on this year's BAFTA nominations on twitter throughout the day, so please check them out there if you feel so inclined. In retrospect, the final list wasn't all that surprising, aside from some very high profile and shocking omissions that is.

Here is the list of nominations in full. Peruse it at your leisure.


Roger Edwards said...

I saw your "Tweets" on the matter and do agree with you to an extent.

However, isn't this all part of the "standard operational procedure" of the entire awards season.

Sometimes being the underdog or the title/performer that was overlooked, can be a curious badge of honour, not without its own benefits.

Mark Salisbury said...

While there's something to be said for being the underdog, it's also nice to go to the party.

And I'm sure Scorsese is much happier having finally won a Best Director Oscar rather than being known as the Director Most Deserving But Never The Winner.